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How We Work
Values & Principles
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A Responsive, Agile Software Development Methodology is Critical to Successful Offshore Engagements

When working with the customer, offshore software service providers typically use two types of strategies. The first is to create a complete functional specification, and base all further development on it. While sometimes a good practice, this approach cannot accommodate changes in your requirements. With everything fixed in a large document you already signed, even a minor modification means additional expenses.

The second concept involves telling the customer that the offshore services provider 'knows better'. In this scenario, the client briefly describes his or her needs, and the rest is up to the vendor to implement. Due to the lack of customer collaboration, the resulting 'solution' is usually useless from the business perspective.

We at AgileMind consistently use yet another strategy to ensure
  • the best possible mitigation of project risks
  • maximum software quality throughout the project lifecycle
  • tangible business value of the delivered software
How we achieve that? Easy. You help us:

• The key feature of the way we do offshore software projects is what we call Agile Collaboration. For us, close collaboration is integral to offshore development, and is the only way to make sure your flexible requirements are fulfilled and the resulting solution works nicely with your business.

• In today’s highly dynamic environment, businesses need a way to accommodate a change in software requirements. We realize that determining all the features early can be tricky. Moreover, things can change during the project. Economies can go through ups and downs, your competition can release a new product, or whatever. All these issues can have an effect on requirements.

Therefore, we practice a value-driven, agile software development approach that welcomes change. This means your change requests are perfectly normal during the implementation.

• We give you maximum insight into the project status at every stage of the software development cycle. Customers are continuously provided with test 'portions' of their application (weekly builds), and project status updates are frequent. This means project progress can be effectively tracked, tasks and bugs can be monitored, and customer feedback can be implemented fast.

• We realize every (agile or non-agile) software development project has its risks. One way to mitigate them is through collaboration and partnership. Because partnership means risk-sharing. Unlike many offshore software vendors who merely call themselves 'your partner', we actually act as one. We design our workflow to minimize the risks; and when risks cannot be eliminated, we share them, and solve problems together.

• We realize that software quality is one of your major concerns. Therefore we value continuous Quality Management vs. trying to correct all the errors when the project deadline is nearing, and new bugs tend to show up.

Combining teamwork, transparency and quality with rapid incremental development, we consistently deliver commercial-grade software timely, while meeting aggressive budgets SMBs often have.

Please contact us to learn more about our responsive, agile software development methodology, or submit a request for quote to get your project up and running.
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